Our teams bring together the disciplines of financial and corporate communications, government affairs, crisis and issues management, investor relations, media relations, corporate governance, talent advisory, research and digital capabilities in an integrated approach to provide clients with unparalleled business counsel and operational execution support around the world.
  1. Brand Strategy and Consumer Communication
Research and insight-led, our team of consumer brand experts are highly experienced in solving the issues that the modern faces on a daily basis.
Specifically, we specialize in brand strategy development and the creation and activation of disruptive communications campaigns that help brands and organizations to build and maintain brand loyalty and enhance reputation.

B New Market Entry
Growing beyond a business’s existing core markets is challenging. Deciding which sector, service or geography to expand into, and then how that expansion should happen, is complex, and requires specific expertise to get it right.
Blueroomis able to support from the initial question of whether new market expansion is the right strategic decision, all the way to supporting the business deliver the expansion that is right for them. We work with management to come to a solution that is not just “right” in theory, but also in practice.
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